Course Changes

The last day to drop or add a course is August 29, 2018. After this date students may withdraw with a grade of “W” until October 26, 2018. Any withdrawals after October 26, 2018 will require assignment of the appropriate withdrawal grade (WP/WF) which will be assigned by the instructor. The Withdrawal form may be picked up in the Registrar’s office and must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office to be processed. The last day to withdraw with a withdrawal grade of WP/WF is December 4, 2018. Classes dropped with a withdrawal grade (W/WP/WF) are still calculated in your current registration hours. You are financially responsible for all registered classes after August 29th.


Students wishing to register for an Internship must submit the Internship Application to the Registrar’s office to be registered. The application may be picked up in the Registrar’s office or with the Faculty Supervisor.

Online & Evening

Students that wish to take an Online & Evening Classroom or Internet course can register for these courses with their advisor.

Special Fees and Charges

Applied Music

  • One hour lesson per week - $200
  • One 30 minute lesson per week - $180
  • Two 30 minute lessons per week - $200

Day Student fee

  • (Includes lab fees, parking fees, and technology fees) - $125
  • Identity Verification fee (Internet courses) - $5

Material Fees (Includes Book & Learning Materials)

  • Computer Science 102, 202 - $120
  • English 095 - $100
  • Interdisciplinary Studies 110 - $75
  • Management 326 - $100
  • Psychology 101, 105, 204, 303, 310, 400 - $100
  • BA452, HC452, & HR452 - $35

2018 Course Term Format

2018 Course Term Format



Commencement is held at Limestone College in May and December. Students may apply for graduation up to 1 year in advance. If a student is working toward an Associate’s degree, he or she should apply after earning 50 semester hours. For a Bachelor’s degree, the student should apply after earning 110 hours or at the recommendation of his/her academic advisor.

The graduation form can be found in the LC Portal. Once the form is submitted, the registrar will review all course requirements for that student. After the review, the registrar will issue a letter of missing requirements along with a copy of the student’s advising worksheet. The letter will also indicate the graduation day that the student has been assigned based on their enrollment status within the college system.

A non-refundable graduation fee of $125.00, which includes application process, cap/gown/tassel, diploma with cover and one official transcript, will be assessed to all students at the time of application. The deadline for May graduation is February is 15th; for December, it is October 1st. Applications will be accepted after these dates up to April 1st and November 1st respectively, but late applications will incur a $100 non-refundable late fee, for a total fee of $225.00. If for any reason, a student does not complete his or her requirements for the assigned graduation, the application may be transferred to the next ceremony without additional fees. A student’s application may be transferred only one time. After that, the student must reapply and pay a $35 fee to cover the cost of an updated diploma.

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