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Limestone Email

As a new student at Limestone, you will be assigned a user name and password that will allow you to have access to the LC Portal, Blackboard, and your Limestone Email. All Limestone students are assigned a Limestone email address. Your Limestone College email will be a main method of communication. It is important that you check your Limestone email regularly to stay up to date on classwork, or any important news coming from Limestone. Your instructors may contact you through email about classes and coursework, and fellow classmates may contact you using this email. You can log into your email from any web browser using the following instructions and your Limestone username and password.

You can access Limestone's email by going to will use your Limestone username and password to login. See example below. Or you can visit and click on “Check Email” in the Current Students menu at the top of the page.



Connecting your email to your smartphone

Connecting your email to your smartphone may be the easiest way for you to receive your Limestone emails. Follow the instructions to add your Limestone email to your phone. While the connection information below is used for iPhones, it will also work for Android devices. In the information below, replace “jjdoe1231” with your username.

1. In your phone’s email setup options, add a Microsoft Exchange email account

2. Enter your Limestone email address: (for example,

3. Enter domain:

4. Enter your username: (for example, jjdoe1231)

5. Enter your Limestone email password

6. When prompted for the Server, enter