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Teacher Education Program

The Limestone Teacher Education Program has been approved by the South Carolina Board of Education to prepare students for Teacher Licensure in South Carolina in the following licensure in areas:

Early Childhood 
English (9-12)
Math (9-12)
Physical Education (K-12)
Instrumental Music (K-12)
Vocal Music (K-12)

Points of Pride

100% of our graduates are either teaching or in graduate school within one year of graduation.

Our in-service retention rate for graduates is 85-95% after 10 years.

We are accredited by NCATE and approved by the South Carolina Board of Education to prepare teachers in Early Childhood, Elementary, English, Math, Physical Education, Instrumental Music, and Vocal Music.

Our Music Education program is accredited by NASM.

We are a program within a minority-serving (African-American) institution.

We partner with Call Me MiSTER™ to prepare African-American and other minority men to become classroom teachers.

We have a strong relationship with surrounding school districts and schools (Cherokee, Spartanburg 3, Spartanburg 7, The Village School of Gaffney, Spartanburg Prep Charter School).

100% of our candidates have an opportunity to observe, practice, and implement instruction before being evaluated on the South Carolina Teaching Standards (SCTS 4.0) evaluation.

Our faculty has autonomy to create first-rate curriculum and field experiences to prepare our candidates for the classroom.

We are the only SC institution to take the Educational Technology in Teacher Preparation Challenge from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology.

We partner with Cherokee County Know2.

We offer Elementary Education in hybrid format with our Online & Evening Program.

We offer some general education and foundational education coursework online.

We partner with Teacher Cadets in two local high schools.

We were awarded NASA MEI grants in 2017 and 2018 to take a team of pre-service teachers to NASA Langley to learn how to incorporate STEM practices in schools.

We are members of NASA EPDC Emerging Starts Network.

We initiated Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society in 2018 to recognize outstanding students in education.