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Teacher Education Program

The mission of the Teacher Education Program at Limestone College is the preparation of undergraduate candidates for initial certification as educators who are particularly enlightened by their backgrounds in the liberal arts and who are specifically prepared and professionally motivated to share their enlightenment with the communities they serve.   The goal of “Developing Enlightened Educators” is the guiding concept for the design of each of the programs within the Teacher Education Program at Limestone College.   It serves as the foundation for course design, clinical practice, and assessment for all the initial certification programs:  Early Childhood, Elementary Education, English Education, Mathematics Education, Music Education, and Physical Education.  The framework establishes a relationship across programs among standards in curriculum, instruction, field experiences, clinical practice, and assessment.  It is shared with the professional community and input from those stakeholders is a part of the decision making process for all programs. 

The goals of the Teacher Education Program at Limestone College are:

To provide prospective teachers with a broad background of general knowledge and skills as a basis for the development of cultural literacy in their students;

To provide prospective teachers with the professional courses and experiences that will form the philosophical, psychological, historical, and methodological bases of teaching and learning;

To provide prospective teachers with effective models, methods, strategies, materials, and technological resources for teaching and learning;

To provide prospective teachers with the knowledge and ability to use instructional strategies to facilitate learning for students of varying abilities and backgrounds;

To provide prospective teachers with the knowledge and experiences to successfully complete the South Carolina ADEPT evaluation process.

The unit’s philosophy reflects the premise that enlightened educators possess the following characteristics which predispose them to success as educators and that the development of these characteristics can be encouraged and enhanced in a well-structured teacher education program. 

Enlightened educators have a sense of enthusiasm about learning which is exemplified by their own successful accomplishments as learners and by their continued interest in learning. 

Enlightened educators demonstrate competence in a specific content area and in the study of pedagogy. 

Enlightened educators are literate, articulate, and technologically learned.  They communicate with students, parents, and partners in communities of learning.

Enlightened educators have a sense of efficacy about their profession.  They believe in education and in the prospect that it can be effective.  They are committed to their colleagues and to their profession.

Enlightened educators reflect on their practice and they embrace growth and positive change. 

Enlightened educators value learners, respect their individuality, and appreciate the potential for positive outcomes which is inherent in diversity. They have the ability and the desire to engage all students in learning.

Enlightened educators are responsible citizens.  They possess a sense of emotional maturity, personal integrity, and social responsibility.