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Social Media and Blogs

As a student at Limestone, we want you to have as many resources available to you in order to succeed. In addition to the information on the Limestone website, LC Portal, Blackboard and the Student Kiosk, Limestone also has an Online & Evening Blog and Social Media.

On the Online & Evening blog you will find many helpful articles from Professor Spotlights, so you can get to know your professor before class even begins, to informational articles about how to balance work, school, and home life and how to nail the perfect interview. Furthermore, Limestone has a Business Degree Blog and Social Work Blog specifically for students in those majors. Students can use this blog to learn more about the business and social work fields, and find stories from students who are achieving their goals after going back to school.

As well as staying connected with the EC Blog be sure to like and follow all of Limestone Online & Evening’ social media. We promote different events happening at the Online & Evening sites through our social media and share helpful information you need to know as a Limestone student.

For updates about our programs, follow us on social media