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What is Blackboard?

To fully engage within your course(s) you will need to understand the Blackboard online course management system.

Blackboard is a virtual learning technology that is used by Limestone College for students to take classes online. You are able to access your course and submit assignments through this technology. You can contribute to discussions and blogs, communicate with your instructor and check your grades at any time. Blackboard allows you to stay informed about announcements, updates and due dates.

To locate Blackboard, you can visit and click on Blackboard underneath the Quick Links tab or visit Blackboard directly.

Tutorial Video

BB Technical Support Form
If you experience any problems with Blackboard you can complete the Blackboard Technical Support Form HERE.

When using Blackboard, the recommended browsers are one of the following (click for downloadable version):

1. Getting Started

  • Students receive access to Blackboard on the first day of class. 
  •  Username and password will be provided to you by your academic advisor or coordinator. Your login credentials are the same for Blackboard, LC Portal, and your Limestone Email.
  • To login to Blackboard you can go to 
  • Once logged in, you will see your courses listed under "My Courses". 
  • Click on the course name to access course content. Please read the Welcome Letter from your instructor and print a copy of the Syllabus.

2. Course Requirements

  • After reading the course syllabus, select and read each of the course requirements. For any requirement you find unclear, mark on the syllabus and email the instructor for clarification. 
    • When submitting discussions or assignments it is recommended that you type your information in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste into the Submission box. 
  • Review each week's material/assignment located under Course Outline. This will help you plan the completion of your weekly assignments.
  • All course coorespondence you must use Bb Messages located under Notifications.
  • Review the My Grades under Notifications for each graded assignment, tests/quizzes, and discussions.
    • Note instructors will vary between Weighted and Total grade policies. A Weighted grade policy calculates a type of assignment (exams) as a percentage of the total. A Total grade policy calculates a straight average of all assignments equally. 

3. Blackboard Collaborate

  • Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing tool that allows instructors and students to access a common learning environment online. 
  • Blackboard Collaborate is accessible through your course.
    • Make sure you have Java updated on your computer.