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Why going back to college is right for me?

Many of our evening and online students are just like you – working full-time with family responsibilities at home. We built our schedule and coursework with this in mind. One of the first courses you will take is ID201 Transition to Success. This course will introduce you to Limestone College, its mission, and your role within the college. It will introduce you to our internet based courses, our library, and other services available to you as a Limestone College student.

Take a sneak peek at an online class: Visit and you will see directions about how to access the ID201 Transition to Success course. This is one of the first courses you will take as a Limestone student. Use Access Code: DEMO if a code is required. You’ll have access to two weeks of this actual Limestone College online course to see how engaging online learning can be.

You’ll also find that our staff, faculty and your fellow classmates are very supportive and want to help you succeed. Many Limestone students have shared their success stories, about how they have achieved their dream of earning their degree while also working full time and juggling family & other responsibilities.

Here is Lisa’s story.