How do I pay for classes?

Students can cover the cost of tuition and textbooks in several different ways. With the help of our Financial Aid department, you can explore ways to help fund your college education, regardless of your economic circumstances. We participate in in all state and federal financial aid programs, and are approved for all college-related veterans' educational programs. We also offer a military tuition discount and a corporate grant discount for companies that partner with us.   See information about the options available to pay for your classes.


The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA must be completed prior to every academic year, and will use the previous year’s income taxes to calculate financial need. You may then be awarded federal aid based on that need in the form of Grants and Subsidized and Unsubsidized Student Loans. The amount awarded is also dependent on whether you are a full time or a part time student. To be considered a full-time student, you must be enrolled in 12 credit hours per semester. Part-time requires a minimum of 6 credit hours. When filling out the FAFSA, you can share your results with our campus by putting in the Limestone College school code which is: 003436. When your FAFSA is complete, you will be given a student aid report that will help explain the estimates of your award. All award amounts are subject to change. The FAFSA can be completed at

Company Tuition Reimbursement

Students who wish to use Company Reimbursement for tuition and textbooks should first consult with their Human Resource Department. Students are required to submit a Company Letter each academic year (July 1st - June 30th). The letter must verify your current employment, must be written on company letterhead, and must be signed by HR or your direct supervisor. Please ask your Enrollment Coordinator if you have questions about whether or not the organization you work for is one of our Corporate Grant partners, or if you would like more information to share with your HR department about becoming one. See sample company letter: Sample Company Letter template

Students whose company pays a percentage or calendar year amount are strongly encouraged to complete a FAFSA in order to cover remaining balance reimbursed amount. Limestone College’s FAFSA School Code is 003436.

Credit Card/Electronic Payment:

  • Students paying for tuition and textbooks with a credit card or electronic check may do so through the LC Portal. Tuition and textbook payments must be made prior to start of term to be enrolled the first day of class. The last day to make a payment is the drop/add deadline, one week from first day of class. See instructions for making a payment through the Portal: 
    • Log onto LC Portal
    • Click on the 'Finances' tab
    • Click the “Go to CASHNet” link (Under Make a Payment section)
    • Click on Make Payment (In “My Account” section)
    • Click on Online & Evening Internet Tuition and/or Book (depending on the type of payment you are making)
    • Enter Amount, choose course, Add to Shopping Cart
    • Add to Shopping Cart and enter payment method
    • Click “Check Out”
    • Enter your method of payment and submit

WIA/TAA/State Vocational Rehabilitation:

  • Students who receive funding through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) or Trade Adjustment Assistance Program (TAA) must provide their case worker with the courses that they wish to take, the cost of tuition/books, and the dates of the course. 
  • Case workers generate a ‘VOUCHER’ representing costs for the term.  The voucher includes course(s), amount approved for tuition, textbook(s), and the approved dates of the course.  
  • If a term registration changes, a new voucher must be submitted.