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The Office for Accessibility at Limestone College is dedicated to opening doors of equal opportunity to individuals with disabilities. We assist students who self-identify with documented disabilities by determining their eligibility for services through an interactive, collaborative process between the student and Accessibility staff, and then working together to determine reasonable accommodations and services.

In order to better serve our students with print-related disabilities, Limestone College maintains memberships with Learning Ally and Bookshare.

Accommodations may include, but are not limited to, extended time on exams, textbooks in alternate formats, note takers, and assistive technology. Students should be aware that while accommodations are intended to remove barriers to learning, they do not ensure success. Limestone College students are responsible for meeting the essential academic standards set forth by the college for its courses, programs, services, and activities. Students must register with Accessibility each semester. THERE IS NEVER A FEE FOR ACCOMMODATIONS.