Limestone College Fires Accused Instructor: Announces Independent Campus Investigation

Limestone College President Dr. Walt Griffin announced tonight (Nov. 12) that he has fired Robert Kolodzy, a Limestone employee accused by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of involvement with child pornography.

Kolodzy had been suspended from his duties as Instructor of Physical Education and Assistant Athletic Trainer on Thursday (Nov. 10) when Limestone authorities were first informed of his arrest.

According to Griffin, "As the details of the charges were made known today and we learned the extremely serious nature of the accusations, I made the decision that his employment at Limestone College must be terminated immediately."

Griffin also announced that he has asked attorney William Rhoden, legal counsel for Limestone College, to conduct an independent investigation on the Limestone campus. "We have no indication that any other Limestone employee or student was involved in these sordid activities but we prefer to authorize this independent investigation to be absolutely sure. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the victims of these crimes."