Student Government Association (SGA)

The Purpose of the SGA is to serve as a laboratory for the development of leadership and organizational skills, attitudes, and methods of democratic citizenship.

The Student Government Association (SGA) of Limestone College has a long and distinguished history dating back to 1898. This student-led organization serves as a channel of communication between students and administration, organizes and motivates the Student Body in appropriate activities, and provides participants with both leadership and problem-solving skills to prepare them for post-College success.

All day students on the Gaffney Campus are members of SGA and may choose to run for election as executive or class officers or to serve on the Limestone Activities Board (LAB). Student concerns are addressed by SGA and various activities, including dances and concerts, are projects of the LAB.

The officers of the SGA are elected representatives of their campus constituents. As an agency of the College, SGA follows the same rules, regulations, and financial pro­cedures as all other offices of the College. The SGA is a registered organization which requires a constitution.

Tobias Miller
Tobias Miller Name Tobias Miller
Position Student Body President
Classification Senior
Major Elementary Education, Minors in Psychology & Christian Heritage
Other Activities Student Alumni Leadership Council & Call Me Mister
About me I enjoy sports and motivating others.
Email tvmiller0317[at]limestone[dot]edu
Name Kadreka Brown
Position Executive Vice President
Classification Senior
Major Psychology
Other Activities CLEP
About me I cry even now at age 22 when I have to get shots.
Email kbrown0925[at]limestone[dot]edu
Isis Wilson
Isis Wilson Name Isis Wilson
Position Executive Secretary
Classification Junior
Major Business Marketing & Management
Other Activities Roteract & AVID Tutoring Program
About me I’ve never broken a bone, and my middle name is longer than my first and last name.
Email itwilson0629[at]limestone[dot]edu
Matthew Ostermiller
Matthew Ostermiller Name Matthew Ostermiller
Position Executive Treasurer
Classification Senior
Major Physical Education: Strength & Conditioning
Other Activities Wrestling Team
About me I’ve played college football.
Email mlostermiller0611[at]limestone[dot]edu


  • Kelsey Stanley

    Kelsey Stanley
    Kelsey Stanley Name Kelsey Stanley
    Position Senior Class President
    Major Music & Psychology
    Other Activities Cheerleading Team, Zeta Beta Theta Sorority, Chorus
    About me I want to become a Child Psychologist or Music Therapist.
    Email kmstanley1222[at]limestone[dot]edu
  • Eden Christopher

    Name Eden Christopher
    Position Senior Class Vice President
    Other Activities Psychology Club, Cross Country and Track team, CLEP
    About me I love doing things that cause an adrenaline rush (skydiving, bungie jumping, hang gliding, etc.).
    Email ecchristopher0901[at]limestone[dot]edu
  • Anna Duarte

    Anna Duarte
    Anna Duarte Name Anna Duarte
    Position Senior Class Secretary
    Major Math & Math Education
    Other Activities CLEP, Zeta Beta Theta, Gospel Choir, & Student Alumni Leadership Council
    About me I’m a chocaholic!
    Email acduarte0712[at]limestone[dot]edu


  • Jimega Ellis

    Name Jimega Ellis
    Position Junior Class President
    Major Human Resource Management
    Other Activities Resident Assistant
    About me I love to read.
    Email jmellis1018[at]limestone[dot]edu
  • Gaquan Maize

    Name Gaquan Maize
    Position Junior Class Vice President
    Major Physical Education, Minors in Biology & Coaching
    Other Activities Football Team
    About me I can play the drums.
    Email gmmaize0925[at]limestone[dot]edu
  • Aaliyah Brownlee

    Name Aaliyah Brownlee
    Position Junior Class Secretary
    Major History & Pre-Law
    Other Activities Students Helping Honduras & Zeta Beta Theta
    About me Two years ago, I accepted the MLK art award at Furman University
    Email asbrownlee0814[at]limestone[dot]edu


  • Kavon Hannah

    Kavon Hannah
    Kavon Hannah Name Kavon Hannah
    Position Sophomore Class President
    Major History & Pre-Law
    Other Activities Resident Assistant, Marching Saints, Gospel Choir & Lambda Mu Sigma Fraternity Inc.
    About me I play several instruments & play golf.
    Email kmhannah0911[at]limestone[dot]edu
  • Imani Lemon

    Imani Lemon
    Imani Lemon Name Imani Lemon
    Position Sophomore Class Vice-President
    Major Social Work
    Other Activities Resident Assistant, Limestone Activity Board, Dance Team
    About me I was just crowned 2016 Homecoming Queen!
    Email ihlemon1213[at]limestone[dot]edu
  • Stephanie Beltran

    Stephanie Beltran
    Stephanie Beltran Name Stephanie Beltran
    Position Sophomore Class Secretary
    Major Business Finance
    Other Activities CLEP, Limestone Activity Board, & Resident Assistant
    About me I love photography and use a Canon EOS 60d & a GoPro Hero4 Black.
    Email sbeltran0408[at]limestone[dot]edu


  • DeAndrea Talley

    DeAndrea Talley
    DeAndrea Talley Name DeAndrea Talley
    Position Freshman Class President
    Major Athletic Training
    Other Activities Marching Saints
    About me I am a color guard assistant instructor for my alma mater.
    Email dbtalley1225[at]limestone[dot]edu
  • Hayley Smith

    Hayley Smith
    Hayley Smith Name Hayley Smith
    Position Freshman Class Vice-President
    Major Social Work
    Other Activities Dance Team
    About me I graduated high school in three years.
    Email hpsmith0525[at]limestone[dot]edu
  • Heather Camacho

      Name Heather Camacho
    Position Freshman Class Secretary
    Major Biology – Pre-dental
    Other Activities Field Hockey, & Pre-Health Professions Club
    About me My first name, middle name, and last name all have seven letters.
    Email hcamacho1118[at]limestone[dot]edu