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Contact Us

Cindy Humphries
Associate Director of Student Accounts
chumphries [at]
1-800-795-7151 ext 8276

Susan Fowler
Student Accounts Coordinator/Day Student Payment Plan Coordinator/
Ch31 Invoicing
sfowler [at]
1-800-795-7151 ext 8248

Diane Wilson
Student Accounts Coordinator/Cashier
dwilson [at]
1-800-795-7151, ext 8283

Jeremy Whitaker
jwhitaker [at]
1-800-795-7151 ext 8202

Student Accounts Coordinator/Delinquent Accounts/Student Accounts Receivable/ Collections
csbrown [at] (
1-800-795-7151 ext 4464



Morna Bailey
mbailey [at]
1-800-795-7151 ext 4574

Sundra Sarratt
Accounts Payable/Human Resources
ssarratt [at]
1-800-795-7151 ext 4578

April A. Poindexter
Director of Student Accounts/Accounts Receivable
apoindexter [at]
1-800-795-7151 ext 8282

Sheila Miller
Student Accounts Coordinator/VA Billing/Refunds
smiller [at]
1-800-795-7151 ext 8281

Reggie Browning
Vice President of Finance and Administration
rbrowning [at]
1-800-795-7151 ext 4522