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The Business Office is located on the second floor of the Curtis Administration Building in Offices 201 and 202. Office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday and Wednesday, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Tuesday and Thursday and 8:00 am to 1:30 pm on Friday. 

The Business Office offers a variety of services to the faculty, staff and students of Limestone College such as:

  • Payments can be made by cash, personal check, money orders, and credit cards for tuition and fees. For additional information see Payment Options in the menu. 
  • You can view your Account History by logging into the LC Portal iconLC Portal.
  • Check cashing up to $50.00 with proper identification during regular business hours.
  • Complaints, concerns or suggestions, let us know by submitting this form.
  • Need to divided your balance into payments?  Submit the Payment Plan Application Form and a Students Account Coordinator will be in touch.  
  • All students are automatically enrolled in text message notifications from the Business Office.  Data and Text Messaging rates may apply.  Students can opt out of these notifications by texting STOP to 797979.
  • Student Account information, payment due dates and other important information will be sent to your Limestone College e-mail address.  It is important that students regularly check this e-mail.
  • To request a 1098T form for tax purposes, please e-mail businessoffice [at]  Please include the tax year you are requesting, along with your student ID, date of birth, and where to send the form.  The Business Office is able to release 1098Ts by fax, email and mail.  
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Why does my account reflect a balance due even though I have financial aid?

All accounts will reflect a balance due until the financial aid is received in the Business Office.  

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Why are two dates listed on the refund schedule?

The column on the left is the close of business date.  On that date a credit must be reflected on your student account.  If you are showing a credit at that time, a refund will be issued on the refund disbursement date that is listed in the column on the right.  

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Why did I not receive a refund on the listed date?

The schedule is for the full semester.  Students are not guaranteed a refund on the dates.  If you did not receive a refund, a credit was not reflected on your account at that time.  

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When will I receive a refund?

The staff at Limestone College cannot provide you a date if and/or when you will be getting a refund or the amount of a refund.  An e-mail is sent to student’s e-mail provided by Limestone College providing the refund process and the refund schedule.  This is sent at the beginning of each semester and periodically during the semester.  

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My account balance is reflecting a zero balance in the LC Portal but I was told I owe for the upcoming semester, why is that?

Charges are not reflected on the student’s account until approximately 5 to 10 business days after the drop/add date.  The balance due does will reflect the upcoming semester charges.  You will need to access your Estimated Bill located on the Go to CASHNet link for the most up to date balance.  

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Where is my Higher One Easy Refund Card?

Higher One Refund Selection Packets are mailed to the address in the Limestone College computer system that is classified as your Legal Home Permanent address (LHP).  We encourage all students to verify that the address listed is the address your card needs to be mailed to.  Have someone watching for your packet.  The packet will include important information to make your preferred refund selection.

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I have misplaced my refund card, now what?

If you have lost your Higher One refund card, it is easy to replace.  You can either stop by the Business Office between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday to complete a request to have a new card issued.  When ordering a new card, you will be required to make payment for the replacement fee at that time.  Currently the cost is $10 for an inactive card and $20 for an active card.  

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My student account reflects a credit, but I did not receive a refund on the refund date, why?

Students that receive a Parent Plus loan will not receive the refund.  The refund will be issued to the parent that has borrowed the funds.  Any refund (up to the amount of the Parent Plus Loan) will be mailed to the parent in the form of a paper check issued by Limestone College.

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What is a Campus Store book voucher?

Campus Store book vouchers are provided to students who have financial aid awards that exceeds their tuition and fee charges for the current semester.  Campus Store book vouchers are also provided for students that been awarded the LIFE scholarship and HOPE scholarship.  LIFE and HOPE recipients will be issued a $150.00 Campus Store book voucher per semester.  If you have used your workstudy award to help clear your balance, you will not receive a Campus Store book voucher. 

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What is I do not use the full allotment of the Campus Store book voucher?

Students are only charge for their actual purchases in the Campus Store.  The funds will not be lost if you do not use them.  A refund for any unused portion will be released if eligible.  

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How can the Campus Store book voucher funds be used?

Campus Store book vouchers can be used for any purchases in the Campus Store only.  You cannot use the funds anywhere else.

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How long will I be able to use these funds?

Each semester students will have until 7 business days after the drop/add date to use their Campus Store book voucher.  This will allow students ample time to purchase needed items.  Campus Store book vouchers will expire at 5:00 pm on that date.  An exact date will be provided by a Business Office Coordinator during the registration process each semester.  Once the Campus Store book voucher has expired, you can no longer use this in the Campus Store.  

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What is the amount of funding I will receive on Campus Store book voucher?

The amount you receive will depend on the amount of funds you have after charges are deducted from your financial aid.  You will only be allotted this amount.  

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I cannot pay the balance in full, what are my options?

Traditional Day Students Only: Limestone College uses a third party company, Tuition Management Systems, for balances larger than $500.00.  Tuition Management Systems charges no interest for the use of their plan.  They do, however, charge an enrollment fee of $42.00 for the semester and $60.00 for the year and a late payment fee of $75.00.  The payment plan begins July 25 for the Fall and December 25 for the Spring.  If you arrive after August 1, you will be required to pay the payments for July and August along with the enrollment fee.  If you arrive after January 1, you will be required to pay the payments for December and January along with the enrollment fee.  This will allow ample time to process the payment and paperwork to submit to Tuition Management Systems.  If your balance is less than $500.00, Limestone College offers an In-House payment plan option.  The payment schedule is identical to Tuition Management System except there is no enrollment fee for this plan.  

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I have workstudy, but there is still a balance due, why?

Workstudy is not a grant or scholarship.  You must work in order to receive the funds for this.  Students are responsible for finding their own employment and making sure the balance is satisfied.  

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The Business Office is telling me I need to complete the forms on the LC Portal, where are these forms and why am I required to complete these?

The forms are located on your LC Portal account.  Once logged in, you will select the ‘Finances’ tab.  There you will see all forms that are available to you.  Forms that are only required once, will no longer be accessible once you have submitted them.  The Communication Authorization will always be accessible to you.  It is imperative that you keep this form updated as needed.  The Business Office cannot discuss your information with anyone unless you have provided their name.  The names that you have provided will show by scrolling down on the ‘Finances’ tab.

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What are my options for the meal plan?

Currently, only Off-Campus Limestone Resident and Commuter students have options for meal plans.  If you are in this category, you will be able to choose a full 21 meal plan, a reduced 10 meal plan or no meal plan.  You are required to submit this form to officially make your selection.  Once you have make your selection, you will have until 5:00 on the drop/add date (7 calendar days after the first day of class) to change this.  

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Why do I not have FLEX dollars to spend?

Only students that have purchased a meal plan receive FLEX dollars.  

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When will my tuition and fees reflect on my account?

ECI Students - Book charges will reflect on your student account within 5 business days of the shipping date.   Tuition and other fees are not posted until after the drop/add period.  This is usually one week after the first day of class.
ECC Students – Book charges will reflect on your student account once the Business Office has received your payment form for the course.  The book charges are posted to your student account within 5 business days of receipt of your payment form.  Tuition and other fees are not posted until after the drop/add period.  This is usually one week after the first day of class.
Traditional Day Students – Campus Store Charges will be posted to your account once the information is received from the Campus Store.  Only the cost of the purchase is charged to your student account.  Any unused Campus Store Voucher funds will be refunded if eligible.   Tuition and other fees are not posted until after the drop/add period until approximately 2 weeks after the drop/add date.  

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When will my financial aid be disbursed? 

You can view the disbursement dates and what you have been awarded by logging into My Financial Aid.