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As an unashamedly faith-based institution with a proud Christian heritage, Limestone—through the support and leadership of The University Chaplain, offers students the opportunity to explore and/or attend to their spiritual development as an integral part of their college experience. Consistent with our pledge to respect the rich diversity of values, cultures, and backgrounds students bring to our campus, and our commitment to both promote and embody openness, honesty, tolerance, and mutual respect, our campus ministry services are offered respectfully and freely.

While the title Chaplain originated as a designation for a priest or minister who had charge of a chapel, the term now applies to the position of one charged with attending to the religious and/or spiritual needs of an institution and its members. Chaplains serve the military, hospitals, prisons, colleges, universities, and increasingly some companies and corporations. Openness, tolerance, and a respect for diversity are values inherent in the profession.

To that end the Chaplain at Limestone works to promote a religious environment consistent with the non-sectarian, founding values of our institution and offers:

  • counsel, support, and encouragement to students, faculty, and staff
  • comfort, assistance, and support in times of crisis and tragedy
  • assistance in connecting with local congregations
  • occasions for reflection and dialogue on issues of tolerance and ethical behavior
  • opportunities for involvement in community service projects
  • opportunities for engagement in international missions 

The Chaplain’s Office is located on the top floor of the Dobson Student Center in office #304.

Rev. Ron Singleton, The University Chaplain, can be reached by calling (864) 488-8274 or by email at rsingleton [at]


Rev. Ron Singleton
Rev. Ron Singleton
Rev. Ron Singleton has served as chaplain at Limestone since 2004, as well as director of the Christian Education and Leadership Program. A graduate of Emory University and an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, Rev. Ron did his clinical pastoral training as a hospital chaplain and is committed to respecting and honoring the experience and needs of individuals in a diverse community. He has spent the greater part of his nearly 3o years in the profession helping students find meaning and purpose in life, and striving for a sense of equanimity in their college journey. He is dedicated to directing truth-seeking sojourners to the deep wells of knowledge, wisdom, and faith.