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Family and Parent Information

Transition from high school to college is an exciting time for students as they find their own way and adjust to the new surroundings. College life comes with new freedom, experiences, and challenges, but Limestone students are not alone. The campus provides a supportive environment as students explore and discover who they are. The Office of Student Success delivers services, programs, and resources to assist your student in making a positive transition to our campus and to encourage them along the way.  

As parents or guardians, you can empower your students to take ownership of their education. Encourage them to seek help from our office for any support needed. Tips to help with encouraging your student to be successful at Limestone are listed below:

  • Ask your students how classes are going and how they are adjusting to The University atmosphere.
  • Be supportive with your students and encourage them to advocate for themselves when they need to seek academic help.
  • Encourage them to talk to their professor during office hours if they are having a difficult time in the class. Also, encourage them to seek tutoring services in our Academic Success Office.
  • Advise your students to complete things early such as registration, financial aid, Success Coach meetings, etc.
  • Encourage them to see their Student Success Coach.

Please feel free to look at our FAQs section for more information. Welcome to the Limestone family!

To book an appointment with your success coach, download the Navigate app on your phone.

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