Melanie Painter


Melanie Painter
Melanie Painter

  • Graduated from Limestone College in May 2011
  • Major: Secondary mathematics
  • Currently teaches Precalculus and Algebra 1 in Spartanburg, SC

During her student teaching in the spring of 2011 Melanie applied for a teaching job and was offered a job that same week.

Letter from Melanie:

"I enjoyed my time at Limestone College, and I believe that it fully prepared me for my career. Class sizes were smaller than other colleges and universities, and I was able to get more one-on-one instruction. My professors' doors were always open, and I was able to visit them during office hours for any help or advice. My math education experience at Limestone was wonderful, and I would urge all future math students to take advantage of the assistance and guidance that the math professors at Limestone College offer to their students."


Matthew Hall

  • Graduated from Limestone College in December 2011
  • Currently teaches Geometry honors and Geometry CP at Richland Northeast High School in Colombia, SC
  • Matthew is also the assistant wrestling coach and loves his life!

Letter from Matt:

"I learned almost everything I now think I know about myself in college. I was able to gain so much because of the professors at Limestone. Jerry Wright is a great man; he showed me that teachers and professors will go above and beyond to help their students. Dr. Gong taught me positive encouragement for even the wrong answers. Dr. Fast made me think more than I wanted to at times, but I thank him for it because now I can derive equations for my kids all the time. Sister Mary was one of the best motivators I have ever seen, she taught me in a way that would make me grumpy, then laugh, then want to go home and try harder. Dr. Thompson would challenge me at every corner, I always had to be on my toes, honestly I just always thought he was a cool guy. I will never forget Alex Richardson. He taught me how to use my voice and express myself, and he was always kind to everyone. I only had Andrew Cook once, but he was a stand-up guy and his honesty always had a huge effect on me."

Matt's Life Lesson:

"Life is what you make it. If you want something in this world then you are the only one who can stop yourself."

Caleb Fast


Caleb Fast
Caleb Fast
  • Graduated from Limestone College in May 2010.
  • M.S., mathematics, Rice University, 2014.
  • Currently a student in the Ph.D. program at Rice University in the Department of Computational & Applied Mathematics.
  •  His research is in graph theory and integer programming, with special interest in the integrality gaps of linear relaxations and the 4/3 conjecture for the Traveling Salesman Problem.