What Our Graduates Are Doing Now

Teaching in Public Schools:

  • Melissa C. Swinger, Class of 1997, Cherokee County Schools, South Carolina
  • Jason Kaup, Class of 1996, Stephens County Schools, Georgia
  • Sandy Phillips-Long, Class of 2006, Spartanburg County Schools, South Carolina
  • Jerry Koiciruba, Class of 2004, Beaufort High School, Beaufort, SC

Attending Graduate School or studying Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Nursing, Pharmacy, or Physical Therapy:

  • Lynn Lewis, Class of 1998, University of Georgia
  • Mike Letter, Class of 1999, Barry University
  • Summer Parker, Class of 2001, Elon University
  • Ronald Torrance (Biology/Chemistry), Class of 2008, LECOM School of Osteopathic Medicine, now in Residency Program
  • Ian Barker (Biology/Chemistry) , Class of 2009, Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine graduate, resident in podiatric surgery at NY Methodist Hospital
  • Mandee Graff, Class of 2010, Life School of Chiropractic Medicine
  • Matt Evers, Class of 2010, Dental School, MUSC
  • Phillipe Hogan (Chemistry), Class of 2010, Masters in Pharmacology, Universite of Sherbrooke, PharmD program at University of Montreal.
  • Shelley Hutcheson, Class of 2010, Pharmacy School, Wingate University
  • Carmen Adams, Class of 2011, Graduate School, East Tennessee State University
  • Chelsea Anthony, Class of 2010, Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Lauren Barker, Class of 2010, Clemson University Biological Sciences graduate program
  • Danielle Seibert, Class of 2011, VCU Medical Genetics graduate program
  • Landon Hall (Biology/Chemistry), Class of 2012, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Lauren Pace, Class of 2012, USC School of Medicine
  • Cedric Williams, Class of 2012, MUSC School of Medicine
  • Kendra Sutherland, Class of 2013, Public Health Graduate Program
  • Krystal Barker, Class of 2013, Pfieffer University Health Care Administration Graduate Program
  • Kelsey Kuykendall, Class of 2013, accelerated nursing program, University of South Florida
  • Maia Czarnecki, Class of 2014, Lemoyne University Physician Assistant Program
  • Jenelle Fortunato, Class of 2014, LeHigh University Environmental Chemistry Graduate Program

Holding Corporate Research, Technical, or Management positions:

  • Vanessa Creel, Class of 1999, Milliken Corp.
  • Trinity Greene, Class of 1999, Wal-Mart
  • Brandy Shetley, Class of 2001, CVS Pharmacy
  • Greg Satterfield, Milliken Corp.
  • Matt Meador, Research Team Leader, Milliken Corp.

Working in Health Care:

  • Phillip Keith, MD, University of South Carolina, Internal Medicine
  • Cindy Wicht, Laboratory Director, Upstate Carolina Medical Center
  • Ciera Sutson, Class of 2009, Medical Technologist
  • Keisha Powell, DPT, Physical Therapist
  • Nicole Woodberry, RN, Class of 2007, Medical University of SC
  • Susan Patterson, Microbiology Supervisor
  • Tiffanie Goodwin, Histology Technologist
  • Kassie Brannigan, Nursing
  • Jason Bendjy, Shire Pharmaceuticals Sales Representative
  • Miranda Dornis, Class of 2009, MT and Cytogenetic Specialist at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio
  • Kelly Davidson (Biology/Chemistry), Class of 2009, graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Nursing; pediatric oncology nurse, Baltimore, MD
  • Courtney Guererri, Class of 2009, Master's in Occupational Therapy, MUSC