Sport Management

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sport Management major at Limestone College is continually to strive for excellence in all aspects of teaching and service to the sport community. The mission and policies of this program will always remain compatible with those of Limestone College.

Philosophy and Goals

The Sport Management major is designed to provide students with an introductory understanding and preparation necessary to become successful managers in academic institutions or the sports industry. The program combines core courses from the business administration and physical education disciplines that emphasize management skills, human resource skills, sound accounting practices, facilities management and wellness/fitness knowledge and skills. Majors may participate in an internship program during their senior year where they apply their knowledge and skills in an academic or sport industry setting.

Career Opportunites

Our major in Sport Management prepares students for one of the fastest growing career opportunities in the nation. Students must be cognizant of the fact that the undergraduate degree is primarily preparation for entry-level positions. Students are encouraged to continue their education by seeking a graduate degree. The opportunities in sport management are numerous and varied. Examples range from such areas as high school athletics director, corporate and community programs, Y.M.C.A’s, fitness centers, sports reporting and broadcasting, and a variety of positions in professional sports.

Faculty Members