Philosophy and Goals

The Limestone University Psychology program offers students the opportunity to study the science of human behavior. Psychology courses emphasize theoretical and experimental knowledge of behavior, while some electives, such as counseling courses, focus on the practical application of such knowledge to the improvement of human functioning.

A major in psychology provides for the student a firm knowledge base in psychology through close student-faculty interaction and a current comprehensive curriculum based upon research in the field. Among the goals emphasized throughout the curriculum are the development of interpersonal skills, effective communication through spoken and written means, and a "real world" orientation that encourages the student to apply psychological theory and knowledge to current and practical situations, such as those encountered in the fields of business and education.

Career Opportunities

Some psychology graduates take jobs as para-professionals in a variety of human service settings (e.g., mental health clinics, social service departments, community organizations). Other graduates enter the private industry workforce, applying their acquired skills and knowledge in a variety of capacities. Businesses are often interested in hiring psychology majors because of their training in interpersonal skills.

Psychology majors have been successful in finding jobs. In recent years, graduates have found work in settings as diverse as a children's psychiatric facility in Vermont, a county mental health clinic in North Carolina, and a community outreach and education center in South Carolina.

Some students also choose to go to graduate schools for advanced degrees. They find that our program provides them with the necessary tools to succeed in those settings as well.


Three computer laboratories are available for student use on Limestone's campus. The computers are equipped with commonly used software for word processing and spreadsheets as well as resources for improving the grammar and style of research papers.

Limestone also has a writing center that students can utilize to improve their written submissions.

In addition, personnel at the Eastwood Library are available to assist all students with resource materials needed to expand and explore their college subject matter and areas of general interest. The library offers periodicals, audiovisual, and reference materials.