Music School Enrollment Now Open

CMS Recital - Students and Faculty - 2013GAFFNEY, SC – For Cherokee County parents who wish to enrich the lives of their children through music, long drives for lessons in neighboring counties are no longer necessary.

This marks the fourth year that the Community Music School at Limestone College is offering quality music instruction to students of all ages.  The program offers private lessons in piano, brass, percussion, woodwinds, guitar, drumming, and voice.  Lessons are available from members of the Limestone music faculty as well as upper class music students at Limestone.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer these types of classes to students throughout Cherokee County, and elsewhere,” said Dr. Gena Poovey, the Chairperson of the Department of Music.  “We are committed to cultivating and promoting music appreciation in our community. Our mission is to enrich the lives of individuals by offering quality music instruction to people of all ages.”

“Through private music lessons, opportunities for performance, and a college concert series, our goal is to contribute to the cultural life of the community that we serve,” she continued.  “It is our hope that we will provide a positive and encouraging environment for all students and create learning experiences that will foster and develop a lifelong love of music.”

In most cases, Limestone’s Community Music School lessons are held in the Carroll School of Fine Arts building on the campus of the liberal arts institution.

Enrollment is underway now through the Limestone College website: .  The cost of four monthly 30-minute sessions is $88 with a professional music educator, or $48 with a student instructor.  There is also a one-time enrollment fee of $44 and $24, respectively.  The enrollment fee serves as payment for the last two sessions.

Limestone’s CMS program also hosts Friday morning “Kindermusik” classes which are open to children ages two through six.  Those monthly tuition fees are $48, with a $24 enrollment fee.

Thanks to the generosity of a private donor and fund-raising efforts, partial scholarships are also available to qualifying students.  Applications for scholarships are also available through the Limestone website.

Pam Turnage, a Gaffney native, serves as the Director of Limestone’s CMS program.

“Prior to the Community Music School being established in 2011, parents who were interested in music for their children often had to travel to Spartanburg and Greenville,” explained Turnage, who also teaches piano.  “I can’t say enough about Kindermusik and what early integration of music into a child’s life can do for that child in all aspects of their development.”


The Community Music School holds a recital for its students each spring.  The most recent one held this past May attracted an audience of nearly 100 people who attended the recital and the reception that followed. 

Teachers of the student performers included Dr. Poovey, Ms. Turnage, Mr. Collin Smith, Mr. David Hodges, and Mr. Wayne Hobbs. 

Students participating in the recital included (by order of performance): Chancey McCurry, Levi Turner, Rebecca Campbell, Patrick Phillips, Hunter Tabor, Drew Greene, Mitchell Gaurriello, Holden McGinnis, Kolbie Humphries, Eleanor Kearse, Matthew Brock, Grace Wylie, Megan Brock, Kennedy Batchler, and Raleigh Kennedy.