New Limestone Music Program Offers One-On-One Music Lessons for Community Members and Youngsters

Community_SchoolLimestone College's Music Department is set to unveil a program that will provide school students-of both private and public schools as well as those who are homeschooled-and other members of the Cherokee County community an opportunity to receive one-on-one music instruction from Limestone music faculty, current Limestone music majors and Upstate professional musicians.


Housed in Limestone's Carroll Fine Arts Building, the Limestone College Community Music School will feature weekly one-on-one instruction in voice, percussion, piano, guitar, string, woodwind, and brass. Tuition to study with an experienced, professional music educator is $88 per month while the cost for studying with a student-teacher is $48 per month.

Youngsters and adults alike are invited to take part in the program. It will be directed by acclaimed musician John Sizemore, one of the most sought after music teachers in South Carolina, whose former students are now performing and teaching in universities, high schools and middle schools throughout the United States.

"Music can provide a lifetime of enjoyment that no other profession can offer," said Sizemore, who also directs a similar program at James F. Byrnes High School in Duncan. "As a result of my early training, I have traveled throughout the world, meeting wonderful people and performing with great artists.  Words cannot describe the joy that making music has given me. My goal is to pass this love of music to my students, whether they continue as performers, teachers, or more importantly, as lifelong lovers of music."

According to Sizemore, one-on-one music lessons can translate into a wise investment for a student's future success. "It has been my experience that most students who take part in private lessons also do very well in auditions for music scholarships, which can range anywhere from $8,000 to over $200,000," he said. "For example, in three out of five years, former students of mine have earned first place honors during the Northwestern University brass auditions, which is one of the most competitive scholarship programs in the country."

Schedule and Flexible Fee Schedule
Other advantages of the program are the schedule flexibility and payment schedule. "Most of the lessons will begin after 3:30 p.m. and into the early evening hours so that school children will have ample time to complete their regular school work before coming to the Limestone campus," said Dr. Gena Poovey, Professor of Music at Limestone and Chair of the College's Music Department. "However, we will gladly attempt to schedule individual lessons during the morning and early afternoon hours if those times are more convenient for the student. In addition, even though the program is 12-months in length, fee payments can be made on a monthly basis rather than a lump sum-type tuition paid at one time. Students will also be able to take time off as needed-such as a summer vacation-and start right where they left off upon their return."

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