Limestone Theatre Opens Season with Comedic Performance of "The Rope"
the_rope_PosterLimestone College Theatre will open its 2010-11season with the campy, slapstick comedy The Rope by Plautus. The performance opens Thursday, October 7 in the Limestone Theatre Center (130 Leadmine Road) and runs through Saturday, October 9. Curtain time each evening is 7:30 p.m.

Due to suggestive humor and action, The Rope, which runs nearly two hours including a fifteen-minute intermission, is intended for mature audiences.

Tickets are $8 for adults, $4 for seniors (65-years-old and older) and youngsters (16-years-old and under; must be accompanied by an adult). Limestone students, faculty and staff will be admitted free with college identification. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door or can be reserved at .

Left to Right: Heather Chadwick (Ampelisca), Chris Moore (Ptolemocatia), and Rebecca Adams (Palaestra)
Left to Right: Dale Lee (Daemones), Jorge Donoso (Sceparnio), Joey Mayberry (Roughneck), and Damon Green (Cutthroat).


(Left) Matt Smith (Plesidippus) and Matt Ferguson (Trachlio)


(Left) Al Benson (Charmides) and Brendan Franks (Labrax)

The Rope, also known as Rudens, is a play where class structures are in constant fluctuation and where missed connections abound. Although the play is originally set in Cyrene in Northern Africa with references to Sicily and Athens, the Limestone production takes place in the Bayou near Mt. Cyrene (a real place) and references are made to Athens, Georgia. Palaestra and Ampelisca have been enslaved by Labrax, a pimp, who only believes in looking after himself. After entering an agreement for Palaestra with Plesidippus, Labrax decides to skip town only to find the gods have cursed him with a storm and forced them to be shipwrecked in Cyrene where Daemones and his servants live humbly and isolated. As the action ensues, it is discovered Palaestra is Daemones' long-lost daughter and the events that culminate lead to a happy ending for all. Filled with slapstick humor, saucy innuendos, and entertaining relationships, this play fosters an appreciation for Roman comedy and a respect for its relevance and usefulness over two thousand years later.

Roman comedy is a part of theatrical production history that is rarely performed in today's theatre world. Most Roman playwrights and their texts were destroyed thousands of years ago and very few remain. The three playwrights whose work survived were Terence, Seneca, and Plautus. These playwrights were often used for the basis of reading and writing during the Renaissance with the scholarly understanding that William Shakespeare himself studied these plays as evidenced in his numerous works. Roman comedy especially set the bar for comedy throughout the centuries and highly influencing the Commedia dell'arte tradition found in Italy.

The cast for The Rope consists of:

Rebecca Adams (Palaestra); Blacksburg
Al Benson (Charmides); Cherryville, N.C
Heather Chadwick (Ampelisca); Grover, N.C.
Jorge Donoso (Sceparnio); Greenville
Matt Ferguson (Trachlio); Leesville, S.C.
Brendan Franks (Labrax); Charleston
Damon Green (Cutthroat); Blacksburg
Dale Lee (Daemones); Blacksburg
Joey Mayberry (Roughneck); Clover
Chris Moore (Ptolemocratia); Columbia
Donnie Patterson (Gripus); Gaffney
Matt Smith (Plesidippus); Goodyear, AZ