Limestone Exhibits Works by Senior Studio Art Major


Landscape by Raelyn Cuda

Limestone College studio art major Raelyn Cuda is showcasing a number of her works during her senior exhibition in the college's A. J. Eastwood Library. The exhibit, which runs through December 4, is free and open to the public.

The exhibit features a diverse selection of media including paintings, drawings, ceramics and printmaking. Such a collection reflects the explorative nature of Cuda.

"I have always been the type of artist (who) will experiment and continue an idea for a short time, then move on because there are still so many different ideas and discoveries I can work with," said Cuda, a native of Utica, New York. "I have always admired Rothenberg and her figurative simplicity, Gougain and his use of color, Monet's landscapes, and Warhol's printmaking. I find myself being mostly influenced by the human body and figure as well as my surroundings in landscape and nature. My ceramic works are an eclectic collection of various methods, techniques and ideas inspired by various cultural arts as well as functional."