Limestone Freshmen Surpass Goal; Prepare 62,034 Hunger Relief Meals
LimestoneCARES_PlacardOn Monday (August 22nd), members of Limestone's freshman class (the Class of 2015) assembled and packaged 62,034 hunger relief meals to be distributed to famine ravaged parts of Africa. The original goal was 62,000.

The herculean effort, in conjunction with the Stop Hunger Now organization, was made possible by 50-person teams working one-hour shifts for four or more hours.
Each bag contains six meals and can be prepared by adding water to the ingredients. When 1,000 meals were assembled on Monday, a volunteer rang a large gong to roaring applause and cheering.

The bags were weighed before volunteers - including Limestone College President Walt Griffin - placed them in shipment boxes.

Limestone College Chaplain the Rev. Ron Singleton spoke with Stop Hunger Now representatives at a conference he attended in the spring. The organization seemed perfect for the inaugural Limestone Cares event since representatives bring the food, bags, scales and boxes to the school, which supplies the volunteers.