Limestone College is accepting nominations for the Athletics Hall of Fame from alumni and friends of Saints athletics.

Established in 1996, the Hall of Fame honors individuals whose athletic achievements or services have enriched the Saints athletic programs or brought fame to the College. It recognizes and provides an enduring memorial for those persons who have made lasting and significant contributions to the cause of sports at Limestone College. The Hall of Fame was established in 1996. Before nominating someone for the Hall of Fame, he/she must meet the following criteria:

Student -Athlete
The nominee must have actively participated in intercollegiate sports while a student at Limestone College.

The student-athlete nominee must have participated for at least (2) years and preferably be a graduate. If the nominee left college early, he/she must have left in good standing.

Four (4) years must have elapsed since the nominee's last athletic participation as a student or from his/her graduation.

Other considerations for selection are as follows:

  • Athletic records established by the nominee as a student-athlete
  • The admirable character and citizenship of the nominee as a student and thereafter
  • Other distinguished achievements of the nominee.

Four (4) years must lapse after completion of tenure as a coach at Limestone College.The person has been and is an example of good character and citizenship.

Other factors that may influence the selection:

  • Won-lost record
  • Length of coaching career
  • Concern for the welfare of the student-athletes
  • Outstanding achievements after leaving the College
Special Inductees
In addition to former student-athletes and coaches, any person who has made a significant contribution or brought recognition to the Limestone College Athletics Program may be inducted into the Hall of Fame (e.g. managers, trainers, supporters, etc...)

Potential Hall of Fame inductees may be nominated by completing this form.

For more information about the Hall of Fame, visit the Hall of Fame site .