Extended Campus Plays Major Role in Life Turnaround for 2013 Grad
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Angela Green '13

Angela Green's pendulum of life has swung from a seemingly hopeless world to one where the sky is the limit.

While in her 30s and living in Charleston, an abusive relationship and depression led her to drug abuse. Her children were taken into foster care and were later adopted, and Angela was sentenced to serve six months in a Columbia prison for shoplifting. The prison stint, however, was not the final chapter. Rather, it was a loud wakeup call to turn her life around.

The turnaround has been a complete 180-degrees as she has been reunited with her children, and in May she walked across Limestone College's Fullerton Auditorium stage to accept her Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies. She is beginning work on her Master's Degree in Social Work and plans to work with US military veterans.

"I was in my mid-30s when I was sentenced to prison for shoplifting," she recalls, "and having to give up my children was absolutely heartbreaking. When I was released in 2000, I decided to stay in Columbia rather than return to Charleston because I wanted to stay away from the temptation of returning to the 'stupid stuff.'"

Flexibility of Limestone's Extended Campus Program
Angela later earned her associate's degree from Midlands Technical College while also working in the institution's records office. While there, a coworker told her about the flexibility of earning a degree through Limestone's Extended Campus program.

"I was taking a few courses at Midlands Tech and found out quickly that taking a full load of course work and maintaining a job was next to impossible. A coworker told me about Limestone's program and how it's designed for the demanding schedules of a working adult. I knew the program was for me when I found out I could take 15 hours of course work per semester and still keep my job."

The flexible course schedule wasn't the only thing that impressed Angela about Limestone though. "The professors truly know and understand people," she said. "They realize that we are working adults and they empathize with that. They worked with me and my classmates in developing time management skills and strengthening study skills."

A Family Reunited
In addition to earning her degree and beginning work on her master's, Angela has also been reunited with her children. "I have such a good relationship with my children now and I am truly thankful to God for that because it is a gift. They call me every day just to say 'hello' and to tell me that they are thinking of me. Life is pretty good right now."