Military/Veterans Welcome

military2Limestone College provides education to the military at one-half the regular tuition rate. This includes all military organizations, Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard.

Limestone is approved for all college-related veterans' educational programs and maintains a Veterans' Coordinator to help with VA-related matters. If you are a veteran, dependent of a deceased or totally disabled veteran, on active duty, an active reservist or National Guardsman, contact the appropriate VA Coordinator to determine eligibility:

"Our message to those in uniform is
that while you serve your country, Limestone College is here to serve you," 

Dr. Walt Griffin, President




We have counselors on hand to work with you.

Extended Campus Students: 
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(864) 489-7151 ext. 4588
1-800-795-7151 ext. 4588

Day Students:
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(864) 489-7151 ext. 4544
1-800-795-7151 ext.4544


Limestone College Military Students

The loss of Tuition Assistance (TA) funding is a challenge, but Limestone College wants to work you and all its current and new military students to help each of you continue your education.  We are committed to working with you to find the funding to continue your education and to help you earn a college degree.  You can continue your education or, if you are a new student, you can begin your studies.

Here are few things that we suggest you consider to cover your tuition costs. You can be proactive in obtaining funds in multiple ways.

*You can fill out the 2012-2013 FASFA. To do this you will need a copy of your 2011 tax returns. This will help you to see what financial aid funds may be available to you. Here is the direct link:

*VA benefits may be available to you. If you have never filled out the VA application for benefits (VONAPP), you can do so by going to  click on Launch VONAPP and Apply for Benefits. You will need to fill out the VONAPP form 22-1990 (application). After filling it out, please print a copy of the 22-1990; when it asks you to print a copy, please do so at that point, then submit. This copy is your way of showing that you are proceeding in finding another avenue toward funding your tuition. 

*If you are already using VA benefits for tuition purposes, you will need to use those funds as your form of payment to cover the cost of your classes and possibly books.

Limestone College values our Military and VA students, we appreciate your service, and we are here to assist you in any way possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us, with any questions, or with any requests for help you may need with filling out your VONAPP or FASFA.       

Limestone College is a member of Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges(SOC), a consortium of over 1500 institutions pledged to be reasonable in working with servicemembers trying to earn degrees while pursuing demanding transient careers. As a SOC member, we help service members avoid duplication of credit, are reasonable in accepting transfer courses, limit academic residency to not more than 25 percent, require no final year or semester at Limestone College, and fairly judge credit from nontraditional sources such as testing and military training. Additionally, we prepare a SOC Student Agreement degree plan when service members are accepted and participate in course transfer guarantees of network systems under the SOCAD, SOCCoast, and SOCGUARD programs.