Study Hall

The Office of Student Success provides a structured, supervised, distraction-free study environment for students to study and to complete assignments.  Study Hall is offered at two locations on campus: Granberry Hall 200B and Hamrick Hall 127.  The Office of Student Success recommends that all freshman students and students with a GPA below 2.0 record at least 6 study hall hours per week.  Study Hall attendance is logged using a student's LCard.  In order to offer a distraction-free study environment, students are allowed to work on academic related assignments only.  Study Hall Supervisors are available to assist students and to monitor for distractive behavior.

  • Freshmen Study Hall
    Granberry 200B
    Sunday – Thursday
    3pm – 11pm
  • Upperclassmen Study Hall
    Hamrick 127
    Sunday – Thursday
    7pm – 11pm


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