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Programs & Services

Coffee and Conversation
The Office of Student Success believes a student must have a strong connection to their Limestone faculty to be academically successful. That’s why we want to treat them and a faculty member of their choice to a free Starbucks coffee at Dixie Deli! They can enjoy coffee while getting to know each other outside of the classroom. Students can pick up a free coffee ticket for themselves and one faculty member from the Student Success Center in Dixie Lodge 103 or by completing an online request. 

Food for Thought
The Office of Student Success sponsors Food for Thought events throughout the year. These 45-minute workshops provide students with an opportunity to learn about a skill or service focused on academic and/or personal success while enjoying a meal. The cost of the meal for students without a meal plan is covered by the Office of Student Success.  Food for Thought events are held in Stephenson Dining Hall Private Dining Room.

Lunch with the President
The Office of Student Success hosts the Lunch with the President series in which freshman and transfer students are given the opportunity to meet the President in small groups while enjoying lunch. Invitations are sent to students specifying the date of their luncheon. Dr. Griffin will allow time for questions and for the students to share their Limestone experience thus far.

The Office of Student Success is excited to present our workshop series! These workshops may be scheduled through faculty, staff, or student organizations and are focused on student success. Select from one of our 15 success topics including, study strategies, time management, financial literacy, and note taking. 

2016-2017 Student Success Workshops

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